Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

Thank you for supporting the 20th Annual Kawartha Lakes Festival of Trees. Please complete the following information by October 27th to ensure your name is included in our promotional materials. If you would like to be a sponsor in more than one category, please fill in each sponsorship item separately. Alternatively, you can download the sponsorship form and mail it back to the office.

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Category #1 – Official Event Sponsor ($1000) or Official Media Sponsor ($2000). An Official Event Sponsor represents the highest level of support for the Festival of Trees. In addition to the regular benefits (listed in the sponsorship letter), we will decorate and display a complimentary 7ft tree and your logo will be displayed on our website and on our promotional material.

Category #2 – Special Event Sponsor ($250). As a Special Event Sponsor your name will be synonymous with the event you choose. Please note there is a limit of 4 sponsors per event (choices are received on a first come basis).

Category #3 – Sponsor (YOU!) Decorate a Festival Item. Your organization will be supplied a tree, wreath, or table top tree and you can then decorate it at the Village or at your office. The item will then either be auctioned or raffled.

Category #4 – Our Design Team decorates a Festival item. Your sponsored item will be decorated by one of our local artisans and will be displayed at the Festival, where it will either be auctioned or raffled.

Category #5 – Gift In Kind Sponsor. Donations for the auction and raffle would be appreciated (monetary donations can only be accepted through here). If donating a tangible item list it here: . Please drop your item off by October 27th or contact for pick up.

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Category 1 – Official Event Sponsor/Media Sponsor

Category 2 – Special Event Sponsors

Category 3 – Sponsor Decorates

Category 4 – Design Team Decorates

Category 5 – Cash Donation